Thursday, 10 November 2016

Borland Lodge Enviro Hui 2016

This year the enviro hui was at Borland Lodge near Monowai and we had the opportunity to camp overnight! Mrs M, Miss Mckenzie and four lucky enviro group girls went along to the hui.
On the first night we went out in the dark to set possum traps and an ink tracking tunnel (to see which pests were in the area). In the morning the girls checked the trap and found we had caught a possum! In the tracking tunnel they found weta and mouse footprints and mouse poo. Later that day we went rock climbing and abseiling down a natural rock face along the Borland Road. We had a fantastic time at the hui and can't wait for next year's hui!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Baking: Carrot cake

We have grown carrots from seed in our school vegetable garden. This week we harvested, washed and grated the carrots we grew. With these carrots we made a delicious carrot cake!! Yum!!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Enviro Garden Produce

We dug up the potatoes we had grown in the raised garden beds and cooked them. The next day we cut them into chip slices and fried them on the BBQ. They were delicious sprinkled with a little bit of chicken seasoning. Everyone in the whole school got to eat some of the enviro group's chips! Yum!

Harvesting our Corn

We harvested, cooked and ate the corn we grew in our raised vegetable garden beds. We loved eating it in the Tranquility Garden. We thought it was the best corn we had ever tasted!

Sunday, 24 April 2016


The Gore Main School Envirogroup were extremely busy over 2015.  The Tranquility Garden was the priority for the year and the group (with the help of Mr Sleeman) managed to get the space up and running for student relaxation!  Many things were achieved over the year.  We shifted smelly old compost bins to another, more suitable area.  We made mosaic stepping stones and tyre sculptures.  The School Council donated chairs (which the Envirogroup painted) so that there was a sitting space.  Also there was a sign made by Mr Udy that reads 'Tranquility Garden, this was erected in the garden.  Other classes contributed to the garden by making some garden art to beautify and add colour to the area.  The Tranquility Garden is very popular with the students and it is a great addition to Gore Main.

Here is some photos of some of the things we got up to in the development of the Tranquility Garden...

Gravel for the site where the compost bins used to be

Reach for the Stars sign

Painting tyes

Putting bricks around the fruit trees

Creating mosaic tiles

Potting Strawberry plants

Adding bright painted stones around the fruit trees

Moving the compost bins

Adding more soil around the fruit trees for the bulbs

Children playing with the tyres in the tranquility garden

Digging the mosaic tiles into the grass

Garden art

Potting strawberry plants

Moving gravel 

Reach for the Stars sign

Moving the compost bins

Moving the compost bins 

Staining the sign

Tranquility Garden Sign

Garden Art made by other classes add colour to the space